Non-binaural mod matrix issue for Super 6

hey all,

not sure if this is a recent issue or it’s just a niche one and has managed to slip through the cracks, but has anyone had experiences with env 1 and velocity as mod sources acting strange when used in non-binaural mode?

so far i’ve tested them on the rates of LFO 1 and LFO 2 (modulating other things like pitch and filter) and it seems that when in non-binaural, they modulate correctly for only half of the voices alternating.

i’ve attached a vid here demonstrating, anyone else?

Have you sent this through to the support email too?

I’m sure theres a post somewhere from UDO that explains that there are only 6 connections between some modulation parts of the synth, which will sometimes manifest itself when you are not in binaural mode, but I havent managed to track that post down. I expect its related somehow to what you have experienced.

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Maybe this one? Issue with Env 1 modulation in 12 voice mode - #5 by udo-audio

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