Bug: PWM from ENV1 in non-binaural mode

I’m not sure where bugs should be posted, so here it is.
Modulating DDS2 PW by ENV1 when binaural mode is disabled affects only every second note, which is very strange. This is in FW v0.27.

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Confirm this bug in my Super Six

This bug is happening for me too, was this ever cleared up or confirmed?

@udo-audio ??

@DDS please can you check our records thanks

We can look at a compromise solution here, where DDS2 PWM responds to the sum of the left and right envelopes. It doesn’t get around the architectural limitation but it would probably sound natural, and would mean each new keypress had an envelope effect


That would be awesome, because having PWM in 12 voice mode is amazing and can really thicken things up.
Let me know!


@avery.moss.magic @rpi @Mauro can confirm that we’ve done one better and now PWM can be independently modulated by left and right channels. Sounds great in Binaural mode modulated by LFO1 and in 12 voice mode one now has true Independant behaviour from ENV1 & LFO1. We are just testing some other things now but this one is done and sounding great.


Awesome. Looking forward to the new release.