Can't Turn Binaural Mode Off

Hi all,

Sometimes I am having an issue where I can’t turn binaural mode off in some patches. The synth will be in poly1 or poly2 mode and I won’t be pressing any keys or anything, but binaural mode wont switch off. If I switch to an init patch it then works fine and turns on and off. Is there some setting I am missing or something I am doing wrong here?


i get this too , just to let you know your not alone

Thanks for letting me know. So I guess it is a bug or something we just don’t understand.

Yep, I get this too. Definitely a bug of some kind.

I got my Super 6 last night and having the same issue.

Binaural will lock in poly1/2 if there are active notes. There is a bug concerning stuck notes reported in this thread.

I have heard about this, but is it the same issue? I have binaural stuck without having the super 6 connected to anything besides my mixer and with no notes sounding and me not pressing any keys or anything…

I get this too from time to time.