MPE mode locks into binaural mode

Hi there,

I just got my Super 6 Desktop and I noticed that when I enable MPE mode, Binaural gets lock into ON mode. And there is no way no deactivate Binaural.
I checked enabling and disabling env tracking and setting DDS2 our and into normal mode (as recommended in a previous issue report) without any effect.
As soon as I deactivate MPE mode, the Binaural is unlocked and I can go back to enable it and disable it as expected.

Forgot to mention, Firmware is obviously the latest one, since it has MPE mode.

Hi, @Agustin1756 because MPE mode necessitates individual note articulation, it requires that control voltages are different for each note played on each analog voice card. The analog hardware only allows for 6 notes to have different control voltages for some parameters so MPE mode limits to 6 voices at present

I see! Perhaps it should have been explained in the addendum for the firmware update.
Thank you for the quick reply!

@DDS please can we log this in pending manual updates thanks

I realise UDO themselve have already commented. I can’t see any reason for wanting 12 voices of MPE. That means 12 MIDI channels of aftertouch and only 10 fingers. Super 6 has 6 stereo voice cards, and we do not know if envelopes, LFOs and filter chips are on each individual card or the main board, or if stereo voices share any of these. In my mind, there’s a picture of how this wonderful synth would be if implemented in Euro Rack modules. Then imagine how that would look with MPE? I feel quite sorry for George Hearne and his team having this constant stream of requests for new features. Something Roland, Korg etc presumably don’t.

What are you on about @Udoboe ? What this rant has anything to do to what I just ask?
I simply reported that I cannot disable binaural mode when using MPE, thinking it was a firmware issue. Reply was given. Flagged topic as resolved. And this detail will be added into the firmware notes since I reckon, anyone else finding this will think there is an issue when in fact, there is not.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure what are you so angry about, but I don’t think this particular thread in the entire internet is the correct place to vent it.

And just to humour your rant about 12 voices. You do understand that there is such a thing as voice stealing? Specially if you have long release chords played?
Also, perhaps you would consider the possibility of someone not wanting Binaural on some patches?