MPE Query

Hi there, just starting to explore MPE a little deeper, controlling the Super 6 from an Osmose. The manual seems to say that shift and MPE gives just two options, On or Off. However the first three buttons will either flash or be on solidly - can you tell me what each one means?
For now I’ve set them all to solid on and got it working after a fashion. However, as soon as I change patches on the Super 6 it stops working. When I go back into the MPE menu, the first option has gone back to flashing. When I flip it back to solid on, it works again - until the next time I change patches. I’m obviously doing something wrong… Is there an online guide somewhere to how to use MPE with the Super 6, for someone old and feeble who never tried it before? Cheers.

Edit: someone on the Elektron forum says you have to keep going back and re-enabling MPE for every patch. Surely not?

Yes, you currently have to re-enable MPE and set the parameters to match your controller after every patch change. Seems like most people would prefer MPE to be a global setting, so hopefully it will be updated to work that way.

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I’d much prefer to set it on when I want it on then off when I want it off. Having the synth keep deciding for me makes no sense.

Re: the three options rather than just turning it on and off, this was a change in the latest firmware update and the manual hasn’t been updated to match yet. Check out the addendum (page 4) for an explanation of the options.

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Cheers, useful addendum that. If I go back and tinker with MPE again I’ll keep it in mind.