Using Super 6 with Push 3

I recently got the Push 3 and was trying to use it for playing the Super 6 in MPE mode. I tried reading the manual but didn’t really understand how to best setup everything. Has someone got similar setup and have some insight to share? Any advice on how to setup everything would be highly appreciated!

Havent tried, will try soon, can only offer some vaguer advice right at this moment:

Switch MPE mode on on the Super 6, have to do this for every preset you want to use with Push 3 in full expressive mode.

Set External Instrument device in Live to use MPE rather than a single MIDI channel.

Pressure on pads of Push should be the same as aftertouch as far as Super 6 in MPE mode is concerned, so use mod matrix to assign that to specific super 6 parameters.

Be aware that MPE CC74, which is sent by Push 3 when you move your fingers nearer or further away from you on the pads, is currently hard-wired to filter cutoff on Super 6. This is not how the manual described it, and is a big big shame. If you dont want this to happen, you will probably have to fudge something on the Live side of things. More on this when I get a chance to try.

Maybe this will help setting up the Super 6: