MPE Desktop

Hi everyone,
Was lucky enough to get my hand on a Super 6 Desktop.
I have a couple of MPE controllers, but have difficulties to program the S6 with them…
Does anyone got any good results?
Thank you so much!

With a future update, it will be possible to connect to the Super 6 Keyboard via polychain for extended polyphony and the MPE standard will be supported.

My local retailer includes this notice for the desktop. MPE support comes in a future firmware update. UDO mentioned in a new video interview they´re implementing it now.


Oh! great thank you, I did’nt saw that.

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Ah I went looking for that video interview you mentioned, and I tracked the MPE comments down to about the 1 hour 25 minute mark of Beatppl Podcast Episode 82, which was a fun show to watch.