Polychain two Super 6 desktops

This is touched on in several posts and mentioned in the write up of the Super 6 on the website; however I can’t seem to find much about the actual implementation of it or mention in the revised manual. How does this actually work? I’ve got the opportunity to pick up a second Super 6 desktop and, though this wouldn’t be the primary use, am wondering what the 24 voice options are and how the two units communicate for control (and I suppose specifically how the binaural functionality works). Anyone with some experience here?

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Email exchange with UDO tech support says that this is apparently not yet implemented but somewhere on the list for a potential in the future.


I’m wondering if you couldn’t get a similar outcome by using a midi translator - such as Bome Midi Transaltor Pro, to filter odd notes to one synth, and even notes to the other - while sending control info to both…

Yes, I think there are some third party options for control and communication. I just didn’t know if UDO had or were planning some special sauce bits that would be specific to the synths.