Super 6 is bi-timbral?

The very new Super 6 manual V1.4 (from February 2024) shows on page XII:

“The UDO Super 6 is a 12-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral synthesizer…”

Why bi-timbral? Did I miss something? Is this related to the MIX mode with DDS1 and DDS2?

Apologies for the confusion. This must be a leftover from streamlining the manuals. I’ll change that next week.

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A comment on the version of the manual - so it has jumped from V4.0 to V1.4? Might be a typo.

The full numbers seemed a bit pretentious. So rev 2.0 should have been rev 1.1, rev 3.0 rev 1.2, etc. So rev 1.4 is correct, since it’s the fifth version.

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