Binaural mode: last note played gets retriggered when holding more than 6 keys and letting go of the 7th

Setting: binaural mode on.

Issue: if I hold down 6 keys (6 notes are playing) and then play a 7th note, the last note played gets dropped. However, once I let go of the 7th key (and while I’m still holding the 6th down), the Super 6 retriggers a RANDOM 6th note as if I were pressing it with velocity (but it was just being held down). Like legato mono mode.

Is there any way to keep the super 6 from retriggering the a RANDOM held note when I play and let go of a 7th or greater key? I’m used to playing big chords and so sometimes I just play them like I would on a piano and am not always paying attention to how many notes I’m holding down while in binaural mode.

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Updated. It seems with the latest firmware it just triggers a random held note. Generally it’s a key in the left hand and most often its the base note. But it can randomly switch to a note just above the base note as well.

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Absolutely agreed. Apart from the now mandatorily polyphonic LFO2 (which I sometimes don’t want) this note re-triggering is the only other big annoyance in this otherwise fabulous synth. I’d love to see this fixed / configurable. Thanks, guys. Love your baby very much.

@udo-audio // @DDS I didn’t think the LFO2 is now polyphonic and ONLY polyphonic/per voice. Perhaps a clarification from someone smarter than I?

@martattacks if it helps for now, the LFO2 has no poly sources mapped to it by default so remains mono/global until something like ENV1 modulates it. To snap the LFO2 back into phase at any point toggle “LFO2 ON” (KB) or equivalent “LFO2 MODE”, this resets them to mono/global until a poly source modulates the rate


The synth uses newest note priority- so when a 7th note is held in binaural this will steal from the oldest note (1st to be played). When the 7th note is released the stolen voice jumps back in (1st to be played). We should probably change it to oldest note priority, so the 7th note does not sound/steal a voice. Would this work for you?

@udo-audio If I may weigh in: from my point of view, the seventh note actually playing is not the issue, in fact, this would be expected. But imho the first note should not be struck again when releasing the seventh - it’s a weird effect, especially with percussive sounds. A new note should only be played when… actually played - I mean, when an actual new note-on event occurs. That’d be great.


Thanks @martattacks for your insights. @DDS please can you capture this feedback in our system thanks


I totally agree with the original poster here. Or really, I would be fine with the seventh key not triggering or the seventh key simply stealing a voice from some of the voices already held (if you can chose only one, this latter option is probably the one to go with).

However, the only behavior that I think is downright strange is to retrigger old note in this way. Granted, for a mono patch it might be the way to go, but otherwise I don’t think notes should trigger if you don’t actually play them. Having an extra note triggering when you don’t want to is probably worse than having a note disappearing for most performances.

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