Phase issues in non-binaural mode (not summing to mono cleanly)

When using non-binaural mode it always sounds hollow / phased in a weird way when summed to mono (thought it might be the sounds I was making but it happens with the raw oscillators). Initially thought it was my unit but tried another one out at a store and it had the same issue.

This is the weird thing - when I try using it in mono mode (only plugging into one output) the phasing issue happens with the left output, not the right.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Weird question, but was this a sound using just DDS1, DDS2, or both?

I ask because on my unit, DDS2 is unbalanced, comes out left or right of center when in binaural mode. I let support know, they replicated the issue, and said it was added to the bug list for future firmware. So maybe, if it’s only DDS2, that’s the issue you’re hearing.

This is just a guess, but: If using only the Left output auto-switches to Mono Sum (combing Left and Right signals to Left out), as stated by UDO, then you will get phasing because the outputs are at slightly different levels and phases I think, even in non-binaural mode. You may be able to mitigate this by making sure the new “slop” control is at minimum. If you only use the Right output, it doesn’t Sum to Mono, so you are only hearing the Right output, therefore, no weird phasing.

Isn’t non-binaural just simple voice panning though? Like each of the 12 voices is just a mono source placed randomly in the stereo field, so in theory it should sum to mono perfectly, especially if we’re talking just one voice running one oscillator and nothing else.

Binaural is obviously going to have phasing to some degree but in most of the patches I’ve made this hasn’t been an issue, at least not towards the general tone / EQ balance of the patch. Summing to mono in non-binaural seems to completely scoop the mids.

Also tried with DRIFT feature at minimum setting and unfortunately doesn’t do anything in regards to this.

Recorded a little comparison if you wanna check it out, let me know if you can hear the difference:

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Happens with both DDS 1 and DDS 2.

Even before the new randomise/drift control, I’m pretty sure George has said that there were already subtle differences in the L & R, introduced deliberately at the digital stage, and by the slight difference in tolerances between the analogue components. Which may be the cause of the phasing that is clearly audible in your link.

Subtle differences shouldn’t be that destructive though - really hoping this is a bug / something that they can turn on or off if it was a deliberate choice. I’m definitely pedantic but it makes non-binaural unusable for me :frowning:

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