Control over voice pan spread amount

Would be cool if the amount of voice pan spread in non-Binaural mode was programmable.

Even a few pre-defined values would be enough; 0%, 50% (as now), and 100% or off/half/full…


Fully agreed!

While it seems that you can just just pull one cable out for mono operation in a studio setting, for live use this isn’t really a possibility. Also, it would be lovely to have access to hitting the stereo effects with a mono signal for a different flavor.

Does the LR Phase slider do anything in non-binaural mode? Maybe that could be used to set the pan depth.

Agreed, I like this idea too!

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Yep, that would be great!

One option could be: SHIFT+MIX-KNOB?


In certain situations, you could plug only into the L output, in which case the voices are summed for a zero panning. It’s not ideal for other reasons but it could be used in some instances.

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I’d definitely want some pan spread control when binaural mode is off instead of alternating. So I can record live without having to unplug a cable.

I’m currently looking for an answer to this too.

The LR Phase fader doesn’t do anything when binaural is disabled no. That’d be the best candidate for this kind of function.
I’m not sure if I am making this up or not, but I feel like I’ve heard someone close to making an official statement that this is a feature that will materialize at some point?

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it would be wonderful to be able to control pan spread
for a bass sound or a straight lead it’s really annoying that the only choice is to use the left channel only, especially on stage. Actually it’s not possible to do that on stage. The Sound engineer would kill me if he or she should mute my channel between every song.


Yess +1!! That would be a really great and usefull feature. Planning to use it live and it wouldn’t be very pratical if I would have to unplug the R cable inbetween…


+1 I would love to see pan spread from centre to hard L/R assigned to the L/R Phase slide with Binaural mode off.

I’d also like to see the panning implemented in a way that avoids the comb filtering when summing to mono which it currently does with Binaural mode off. It exhibits comb filtering even with a single note playing so I suspect it has something to do with how you’ve implemented the perceived L/R pan?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Isn’t the “comb filtering” when folding down to mono sum using just the Left output actually normal with an “analogue” style synth where the two VCOs will never be entirely in phase (unless Synced), or perfectly volume matched? I think you’d find the same thing with any analogue synth, so I’m not really sure it’s a bug. I think there is/was always a tiny deliberate amount of “slop” between parameters on the Super 6 but I may be wrong. You’ll never get zero comb filtering when employing the new Drift feature, for example. I personally see it as more of a feature. :slight_smile: If you just want no phase and a mono bass, for example, use only one oscillator, or Sync them.

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As an engineer … this thread made me curious, so i did some “research”…
… and came to the following result:

The output signal of the Super 6 seems to be in “non-binaural” mode not really underlay a simple left/right split/panning. It comes (alternating) left or right first and louder, but with something around 0,5ms delay and around 30% lower level on the other channel.
If you record this (or listen to it) in stereo, even this sounds some kind of stereoscopic (0,5ms equals to 16cm free air delay, what is “half around your head”).
But if you mix it to mono, there are comb filtering gaps at 1kHz, 3kHz, 5kHz etc.
I can hear this with one single sine oszillator using sine waves in mono mode, independend if using DDS1 or DDS2… note C6 (1046Hz) is significant quiter than the others!
On an 2 channel oszillograph i clearly see that 0,5ms delay and lower level of the oszillation starting point, alternating on left or right channel if monitoring both channels.

With other waveshapes and more than one Oszillator this results in other side effects.

I think i’ll report this to support. Lets see what they say.
I see the intention of having this behaviour (especially if using headphones this is really nice!), but i see the side effect too.


Hey Hermetech,

As MoogelPackung says the sound is combing with only 1 note held (ie. single oscillator in a traditional analog synth). It’s the way they’ve implemented whatever to give it the appearance of left/right panning.

I’m sure they’ll be able to fix it up and surely need to address this before any pan spread feature could be developed.

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Cool, hopefully they’ll sort it or make it optional.