12-Voice Mode Audio Spread Glitch

So I ended up purchasing a Super 6 a week ago. I am quite pleased with the instrument but have encountered a few audio glitches. The one that is the weirdest to me is one that occurs when I am in the 12-voice/non-binaural mode.

The voices will be split in a way that I find pleasing but within seconds they seem to converge into an almost mono and significantly louder signal. I am curious if this is a known glitch or if my unit might have an issue. I have updated to the most recent firmware but am curious if anyone else has experienced this as I am limited by the retailer’s 14 day return policy and if the unit does have an issue beyond firmware I’d like to swap it out.


If I’m understanding right, it doesn’t sound like a glitch. In 12-voice mode, they can be spread out again by turning up the LR PHASE slider. Try that.

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What I find weird is that the LR PHASE is gradually reverting to 0 over the course of 3-5 seconds every time I switch out of binaural mode or switch patches to one in 12-voice mode. I can turn the phase back up to regain the spread but wondering if theres a way for my patches to retain the LR PHASE position when switching from binaural back and switching between different patches.

I noticed this as well when I first got my Super 6 (and it really bothered me, too). I just keep the LR Phase slider all the way up now ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah it’s weird. Mine (desktop) does this as well. I guess after you’re in binaural mode they need a second to go back to mono panning. Seems odd. But then you can spread them out again with the l/r/phase slider. I don’t notice it yet moving between saved patches, so I guess it isn’t a big deal. Has anyone else noticed it switching between binaural and 12-voice saved patches?