1 voice panned left, sustained longer and louder

Hi there

I just received my brand new Super 6 today - fantastic, but it does seem to have an issue.

Patches were playing a bit weirdly with odd voicing which I thought must be modulations.

So I read the manual and cleared all the modulations. Put it on manual, flattened all lfo’s, super dds off etc and 1 in every 6 key presses results in a voice panning left and sounding different to the other 5 key presses which all sound the same.

I noticed this on some factory patches playing an arp - one voice wouldn’t behave like the others. It’s like it plays a different waveform every sixth note. Sounded interesting, but not right and I couldn’t get rid of it.

This does seem like a fault rather than user error, but I would be happy to be wrong!

It’s on the latest firmware. I have done a manual reset. Powered on and off but it remains.

Please could anyone let me know if there’s something I can try or does it need to go back to the shop to be exchanged?

Cheers, Simon

To add it’s not connected to anything and I checked the clock sync setting to see if that was an issue.

I just checked mine and I didn’t notice anything like this. Is it in non-binaural mode?? There’s currently some weirdness with non-binaural mode, could it be that?

It does it whatever mode.

I found something that seems similar to what you’re experiencing:

Give this a try

Thank you but I have also tried several global resets.

Tried again this morning - did another global reset and still the same.

In binaural mode every 6th key press is different and in non binaural mode every 12th key press is different.

It’s like that voice isn’t going through the envelope or filter.

When I powered it up before the global reset it was also doing the missing note thing I’ve read about here - but that went after a power cycle so seems that’s a known bug.

Sounds like something is not right with one of the voices, I’d contact support, they will sort you out.