Vintage Sound Slider

I’d like to see a function where each voice was randomly out of tune by a tiny amount to a great amount for that AFX sound.

Possible control could be SHIFT + CROSS MOD slider for amount.


George mentioned there already was, or could be, an internal “slop” control implemented, in the Gearslutz Q&A from a while back, and I think at least once since then too. It would be cool to have it as a user feature somehow, either from the front panel or in a software editor where it could be set as a % or something. If you look at U-he Diva it has many controls for this, but I;d be happy with just one that very slightly randomised VCO pitch and/or drift, phase, LFO time drift, Attack and Decay times etc.


Did a little on the drift parameter in firmware 0.26. It has a really nice stereo widening effect.

Tested with adjusting drift in whole steps from 0% to 50% to 75%. Binaural is on and Super (DDS1) off. Anyone know what contribute to the widening effect?

In Binaural mode you have two signals panned hard L & R, and I think the Drift parameter randomises the phase of each, hence, I am guessing, the extra stereo width. In the ‘2021 Update?’ thread here I posted an email from UDO which tells which parameters the Drift changes:

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The phase randomization make sense. In my mind this would be like “activating” the Super (DDS1) but without the synchronization.

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New video with analysis of the vintage knob for P6. I like his approach using voice component modelling. He got more videos on the channel explaining the details.

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