Improved Drift

I love that the Super 6 Drift feature works across a number of parameters: tuning, envelopes, filter, but it’s useable range has two major issues:

1. Improved scaling: The sweet spot for Drift mode is only ~5% of the fader. I wish the scaling of this fader could be improved.

2. Improved key tracking High notes seem to drift more than low notes. If I want big, fat, phasey low octave notes, the amount of drift necessary makes chords up the keyboard so out of tune that it is unplayable. I wish that the key tracking were reversed, so that I could have vintage sounds all over the keyboard


I think what we need here is the drift parameter to modulate the osc. frequency in a linear manner. This would have the effect of making bass more detuned than high notes (ie constant beat frequency). This would have the secondary effect that more of the fader travel would be “sweet” as the obvious pitch detune would be less prevalent. It’s a good observation thanks


RE keytracking,I think that would be a perfect fix. I would also significantly vote for a larger parameter range. As much as I love getting sort of a broken drift sound, it would be cool to scale the parameter differently on the fader so that more real estate is in the subtler territory.


I asked for this before too, when Drift first arrived, would love more range in the subtle area.

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Amazing! Thank you for the reply. Hope this can make it in a future firmware update. As it stands now I can get close to some big beautiful analog sounds, but I’ve never been able to get the low end right on big chords. This change would be super meaningful and game changing!


Maybe a good idea would be introducing smt like note/key modulation as in REV2 - you could then choose tracking direction with negative value. And again, can we possibly have NOTE number as a modulation source on keyboard model?


I like how Sequential made their “Vintage Knob” in their later synths. I have had alot of old VCO polys, and none of them really drift like S6 drift does, or those "slop* synths.
It’s more about single voices being out of calibration with tune/envelope times/filter, and when playing round robin, you hear it clearly. This is what makes those older Oberheims ect. sound so great, not that they are constantly drifting like some old cassette.