My feature/improvement request list

Happy new user here. A few things i feel would make this instrument even more amazing:

-Mixer knob as a modulation destination
-Smaller range option for DDS tune knob (1octave or a little over a fifth)
-Being able to use the ‘NOTE’ modulation source instead of bend+ on the keyboard version. If this was polyphonic, it’d be even more amazing, think ‘stretch tunings’ and such

-Maybe divide the amount that the ‘drift’ setting affects pitch by half (not the other parameters though!). As is as soon as you get halfway it becomes impossible to use in a melodic context, which is a fun effect, but the range of results would be much more musical this way

minor annoyances:
-When i move a slider or knob to assign modulation, i lose the position it had before i moved it
-no Pitchbend range scale settings global menu (a 2 octave option would be nice)
-no choice between pass-through and Jump for patches vs panel position

in the long run i’d love an editor but no rush there :slight_smile:


Not too far off my own list. (Much) finer tune on DDS2 is a real must, or perhaps I’ve been spoilt by having a Jupiter 6 right next to the Soup.

One more I’d add: make LFO2 free-running but without binding this behaviour to the aftertouch->pitch bend connection. Have never understood why those things are linked.


One more:

I’d like to specify midi output channel and midi input channel separately. I like to have midi input and output on different midi channels. It’s a good way of avoiding unwanted midi loops without having to use local off and having extra response latency.

Really loving the S6, it seem s like amazing sounds and patches just fall out the whole time, nearly filled up the whole 64 locations in one session.

A few Bugs/requests:

Modulating VCA/Amp level has strange behaviour, sometimes it does nothing, sometimes seems to do something, but not as much or in the way i expect vs other synths.

Expression Pedal CV only does postitve values, meaning you can’t modulate a parameter value down, negative (into the white zone )values get rectified to positive unipolar (same as black zone)

Env to DDS1/2(DDSModulator) slider is not a destination

SWM/PWM slider is not a destination

There is this strange behaviour where the first few notes played when loading a different patch sound different, it seem sto have something to do with the binaural/SuperDDS behaviour. Sometimes the first few notes will be less detuned (or less notes are stacked?, or the first note the sound will be panned left or right, but after cycling through a few notes, it will sound as per programmed. Not an extereme annoyance, since it is quite subtle, but people might find it annoying in for example a live performance

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Agreed, these would be great to have as mod destinations:

  • Env to DDS1/2(DDSModulator) slider
  • SWM/PWM slider