Make "TUNE" knob 1 octave up and down

Please! It would be great to modulate live to a reproducible octave at the top and bottom of the knob range…


Funnily enough one of my biggest wishes is for the DDS2 tune control to be a fine tune and over a much narrower range. Extending the range would make it even harder to create those subtle detunes than it is now - and to get back in tune after touching the knob. Maybe something for a Shift operation?
P.S. you can modulate by an octave already using the bender, but I guess you know that :wink:

I thought there was the ability to “recalibrate” the Tune control to whatever interval you liked, but then realised that was my Moog Grandmother. It would be cool to have that function.

Hopefully now with the Super 6 Desktop announced, the firmware won’t be too far behind, with apparently much finer resolution for the knobs and sliders. I always find it difficult to dial in exactly the amount of fine oscillator detuning I want on the S6. Fingers crossed.


I know that, but if you had the ability to move the knob up slowly to the octave (or say, find the 7th) and LEAVE IT there freeing your hand from the pitch wheel… that’s what a reliable octave range would let you do for real time performance :wink:

I suppose. I guess if its regular action did fine tune and its shift action offered a precise octave, we’d both be happy. (I suggest doing it that way round because it’s already too hard/slow to get the tuning reliably back right after touching the knob)

one of my fave features is the fact it doesnt go to a full octave! there’s other ways to do that (eg with the pitch bend etc), and i find that it helps you flight slightly weirder tunings.

Could you use a square lfo assigned to pitch ,with the mod depth set …
if you don’t have dds2 spare or lfo 1 use midi or something external ,expression pedal or an lfo from some modular…
Just an idea ?