Fine-tune option for DDS2 Tune knob

At +/-6, the Tune knob can make fully aligning DDS1 and DDS2 a bit difficult. Might be nice to have a “fine tune” option that ranges from +/-1 across the full sweep, perhaps when holding the shift key.


+1 for this. Shift plus Tune would be an easy method.

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I think thi is more about the DAC resolution of the reading of the pot itself than the range of it.
Many synth have this range and is very easy so get any beating you want between two Osc.
The problem to me is the steps on the pot are too big so is near impossible to adjust.
This is to me the biggest issue on the S6.
Same problem happen with the cutoff fader. You can listen very clear the steps when it is selfoscillating.

Anyway Shift plus Tune can be a solution for the tune problem

+1 for this!!!

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this issue, I often have trouble fine tuning DDS2 as the pot resolution just seems too low so the steps are too large.

Shift + Tune + a visual indicator e.g. via the patch button LEDs so that you know when you’re back at true zero, would be great. I know I could use my ears or a tuner, but I like on other synths like the NL4 where you always get a little indicator when you’re back to concert pitch.


Fine tune for DDS2 has been my single biggest wish since day 1. Maybe because it’s so heavily influenced by the Jupiter 6 I just expected that would be how tune would work on the Soup.
Still hoping for a Shift-Tune option in future that will allow for subtle detunes and easy getting back into tune if you happen to touch the Tune knob unshifted by mistake. Fingers crossed.