DDS 2 Out of Tune?

When set to “0” DDS2 is one semitone above DDS1. I’ve tried master tuning and the autotuning function. To double check, I restarted the synth and moved the tune of DDS2 up a bit and it jumped out of tune immediately and when set back to “0” it remains at 1 semitone above DDS1.

Did I screw something up? Is there anyway to fix it?

I’m on the latest firmware 0.26.

I’ve just tried the global reset by turning the Super 6 on and holding the MANUAL button for 5 seconds and DDS2 is still out of tune.

You can calibrate DDS 2’s TUNE control:

  1. Turn off the Super 6.
  2. Turn on the Super 6 whilst holding the TUNE button (bank select button F) and continue holding.
  3. Whilst holding the TUNE patch bank button move the MIXER control to make DDS 2 audible.
  4. Play any note and move DDS 2’s TUNE control to a point where both DDS 1 and DDS 2 sound in tune.
  5. Release the TUNE button and the key.
  6. Move DDS 2’s TUNE control to +6, then back to the centre. The oscillators should now be in tune.
  7. Don’t play a key or move a control for >30 seconds to save this calibration.

I could be doing this wrong. I tried the calibration. It’s fine at startup like before, but as soon as I change the tune knob for DDS2 to anything else and back to “0”, it’s back out of tune again. But as long as I leave it between -1 and 0, it seems alright. But then I have to worry about not being able to go the full +/- 6.

I’ve just put the old firmware 0.25 back on and tried it. Same results. TUNE for DDS2 isn’t going up the full +6 range but it can go down -6.

Do you have a download for the old firmware?

I don’t have it anymore as of last week. Now that you mention it, I’m not sure where to locate legacy firmware.