DDS 2 Out of Tune?

When set to “0” DDS2 is one semitone above DDS1. I’ve tried master tuning and the autotuning function. To double check, I restarted the synth and moved the tune of DDS2 up a bit and it jumped out of tune immediately and when set back to “0” it remains at 1 semitone above DDS1.

Did I screw something up? Is there anyway to fix it?

I’m on the latest firmware 0.26.

I’ve just tried the global reset by turning the Super 6 on and holding the MANUAL button for 5 seconds and DDS2 is still out of tune.

You can calibrate DDS 2’s TUNE control:

  1. Turn off the Super 6.
  2. Turn on the Super 6 whilst holding the TUNE button (bank select button F) and continue holding.
  3. Whilst holding the TUNE patch bank button move the MIXER control to make DDS 2 audible.
  4. Play any note and move DDS 2’s TUNE control to a point where both DDS 1 and DDS 2 sound in tune.
  5. Release the TUNE button and the key.
  6. Move DDS 2’s TUNE control to +6, then back to the centre. The oscillators should now be in tune.
  7. Don’t play a key or move a control for >30 seconds to save this calibration.

I could be doing this wrong. I tried the calibration. It’s fine at startup like before, but as soon as I change the tune knob for DDS2 to anything else and back to “0”, it’s back out of tune again. But as long as I leave it between -1 and 0, it seems alright. But then I have to worry about not being able to go the full +/- 6.

I’ve just put the old firmware 0.25 back on and tried it. Same results. TUNE for DDS2 isn’t going up the full +6 range but it can go down -6.

Do you have a download for the old firmware?

I don’t have it anymore as of last week. Now that you mention it, I’m not sure where to locate legacy firmware.

Did you ever fix this issue? I have the same bug

Yeah whenever I initialize the S6, moving the TUNE knob even a tiny bit causes DDS2 pitch to jump like an entire semitone before I have to change it back.

Any luck with this? I too have the same issue

same issue. here i’ve been pulling my hair out for months. even when you initialise a patch DDs 2 is sharp so any presets involving DDS 2 are sharp. bit of a joke at this stage. bee on to support a few times about it and they keep sending me dqon the same pointless cul de sac. there appears to be no way to recalibrate DDS 2. and as someone rightly point out if the tune setting is slightly left of centre you dont have access to +/- 6 semtinones which is a complete joke. zero has to be zero