Super6 joystick/bender problems

I seem to have an issue with my Super6. The “bender” right has a very strange behaviour. Also the DDS-assign fader is behaving weirdly. If I move the DDS-assign-fader upwards the tuning goes weird. Also if I move the bender to the right the tuning goes off - but not in a controlled way. The only way then to return to a “normal” tune, is to push the joystick upwards (modulation). Then the tuning is fine again.

Any tips?

Mine might have started doing this in recent months, it didnt used to. I havent looked into it properly yet, not sure if something physical failed or if last firmware introduced some issue.

For me I think that if I rapidly and firmly wiggle the bender left and right, hitting both extreme left and right positions, for 3-5 seconds, it then settles down for a while! Maybe you could try that and see if the same behaviour happens for you.

Mine did something very similar to this after about 18 months of use, also wasn’t sure if it was firmware update related. I contacted support with a vid/audio of the problem and they shipped me a new bender, and after replacing, it’s worked perfectly ever since. I posted about it here a while back, seem to remember some other people reporting the same issue.

Contact support (the forum is NOT for support as stated here by UDO), and they’ll sort you out very fast.