Bender springiness

I’ve tried two Super Gemini units now and notice that the return on the bender spring is quite slow compared to the one on the Super 6. Is this normal @udo-audio ?

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I find the one on my Super 6 incredibly slow and was told it’s normal. I actually hardly ever touch that whole section, except to make sure that LFO2 is free-running and to turn off aftertouch control of pitch. A dream version of the Super 6 would have a bender as springy as a Jupiter 6 and maybe a button for modulation too. I think I must be getting arthritis or something because I struggle to push my bender forward enough to control modulation so end up not using it. Let’s just say I was sad to see this controller pass forward to the Gemini.

My Gemini definitely has more springiness than my super 6 did, so I’m happy :slight_smile:

Now that you mention it, my bender (which I rarely use) is quite sluggish. Perhaps 30-50% slower than the S6. Maybe that’s why i’m not using it.