Osmose and Super 6

I got the Osmose today! Its an amazing board and pairs well with the Super 6 after some trial and error. I think once the new MPE update happens it will be even smoother, but they sound really nice together.

Does hurt my wrists to play though, its the extra downward pressure.



Congrats! Returned my Osmose today unfortunately, we didn’t really get along.

Ah fair enough, what didnt click with you? I nearly returned mine cos it triggered some RSI type pain, but I found it too fun to play so we’re in therapy together.

First of all, I am not a fan of the quite digital sounding synth engine. I also don’t like the feeling of the surface of the keys, they feel really plasticky to me. I wanted to keep it for the MPE capabilities of the Gemini (that will be implemented in the future hopefully) but to keep it just as a very expensive controller is not worth it to me. I will probably look at a LinnStrument in the future.

I sold a Hydrasynth once as I couldnt stand the sound of it, but the Osmose engine was a pleasant surprise for me, quite different from anything else I have, i dig the uncanny-valley acoustic sounds. For me though it’s all about the pressure input, you can tickle sounds out. Can’t wait for the new S6 firmware that should respond nicely to this softness.

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I am still quite happy with my Hydra to be honest. The sound design options are endless, it just takes some effort to shape it, but it so detailed! I’ve managed to emulate a couple of Oberheim and Moog like patches that sound completely analog. My Matriarch is sitting right on top of it, so I have a good comparison.

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