Anyone ordered a Super 8 yet?

Just wondering. I still haven’t made my mind up between it and the Gemini.

I love the clean look of the 8 and the lack of ribbon controller isn’t a huge deal for me. What’s giving me pause is the the voice count when in stacked binaural (4 vs 5) and whether I’d miss the exes layer of controls. I do have a couple of bitimbral synths and tend to use them mostly in single-layer mode,but I wonder if that’s simply because of the shared control set; an extra set of sliders positively encourages one to play with 2-later sounds.

I also tend not to do a lot of panel tweaking once I’ve dialled in a sound, rather I set up interesting variations on stuff like mod wheel and aftertouch and focus more on the harmony side of things as opposed to textural/timbral variation (guessing I’m coming at it more from a piano-playing perspective), so aside from during programming, not having an extra set of sliders isn’t necessarily terrible.

Would be nice to be able to have a good chunk of time with both to be able to decide. I try not to buy stuff speculatively.

In terms of size the Super 8 is about the same as Gemini so not much space saved. Controls are less cluttered at the expense of direct control of both layers in dual mode.

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Is there a reason you’re not considering the super6?

The way I see it, you say you don’t do a lot of splits/layers and you’re worried about the voice count when doing so. The Super6 guarantees you always have 6 voices and only one sound to worry about.

Personally, I got a S6 almost 4 years ago now and nothing UDO has done since has made me feel like I need to upgrade. It’s not the hot new thing anymore but it is still a fine instrument.


It depends on your goals and what you need from a synth. I went with the Super Gemini as I wanted a workhorse so I could keep different sounds dialed in on both layers for production. For instance I will always work with my Mono Lead/Bass sounds on the bottom layer and have my Pads/Strings and keys on the top layer. I’ve been super fast with this workflow in manual mode and it’s really easy to get the sounds I need within a few moves.

So I think it really depends on what you’re looking for! I really think the extra polyphony is worth it on the Super Gemini, and the ribbon controller is actually very useful (I’m a guitar player so I think of it kind of like a whammy bar) for creative slides and cinematic stuff.

Super 8 may be a better choice if you already have a few other synths and want to save some money and a little bit of space. I personally do not regret going the Super Gemini route over the Super 6/8 as working with both layers is an awesome workflow for me.

@White_Noise yes, super 6 doesn’t have enough keys (61 minimum for my use) or enough voices when in binaural (6 covers most stuff but occasionally I play 7(+)-note voicings). I also prefer the sound of the Gemini/8.

Space is starting to be an issue, but the difference between Gemini and 8 isn’t all that much. I’m hoping to come to my senses and maybe offload a couple of synths. I have three monos and really I probably only need one. Also, perhaps the UDO could replace my Summit. I know they do different things. I’m not a fan of the Summit’s keybed at all but quite like the rest of it. I’m really leaning more towards “simpler” synths without menus. I’ve been having the most fun with a borrowed Juno 106, truth be told, to the point where I’d like to buy my friend’s spare one.

I do like the bitimbral aspect on my other synths but it’s not essential. However, having direct access to it via Gemini would probably make me use it more.