Will there be cannibalism between Gemini and Super 8 sales figures?

Super 8 is very much similar to Gemini, 2 binaural voices less and not full contol over the two layers. It costs “only” 300 Euro less and is a little smaller and lighter.

I am not sure if that product makes sense, I do not understand why they did it, might be cannibalizing sales figures from Gemini (take away customers from Gemini), which will not help UDO in total. As a rival to Polybrute 12 it is not really featured enough.
I would have understood a Gemini desktop with the Super 8 UI concept, but not the Super 8.

Anyone has an idea? Would you buy the Super 8 instead of the Gemini? Why?

I guess, Gemini prize must be increased soon to keep enough distance between both synth.

Maybe they are struggling to reach their market target with the Gemini ; I suppose the super 8 gets nearly the same hardware, which reduce R&D costs, still being (a little bit) less expensive.
The Super 8 might be an opportunity to expand the sales then.

The Super 8 press release just confirmed the price :

Price (RRP)
€ 3,749
£ 2,995
$ 3,699

Finally, with such similar prices, I’m struggling to understand how the S8 and SG can coexist in the UDO catalogue.
Unless effectively the SG price rises when the S8 is released…

This would be less of an issue if the super actually sounded different, do people think it does or is it the exact same as the gemini? From hearing it first I thought something about the super 8 sounded much more like a Roland Jupiter or something, maybe a Juno, but I can be sure its not just my mind playing tricks on me.

I want UDO to be successful, but yeah I gotta agree. I don’t really understand who this is for, it’s got the same large footprint as the Gemini at nearly the same price but a lot less controls.

And I’m glad we’re finally getting our super 6 bug fixes that have been promised for 2+ years but I’m sorry it’s still crazy that it took this long, and we’re not even getting any new features like wave morphing even though they claim that they are building these instruments on the same platform so they can share features across the lineup.

It seems like unfortunately UDO just doesn’t really have the capacity (or the engineering ability? Not sure what the issue is) to do very much development so they’re releasing the Super 8 not because it’s the most compelling instrument but because it’s the best they could cobble together without doing a bunch of new work.

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Does it have two independent engines like the Gemini?

I guess it’s a ‘compact Gemini’.

It’s not quite as large as the Gemini.

I didn’t realise there was only 300 difference in price. Yeah that’s unexpected.

As par my opinion the Super 8 seems like a budget friendly option with fewer features, making it appealing for those who do not need the full capabilities of the Gemini. I did choose the Gemini for its complete feature set, but I can see the Super 8 is appeal for those on a tighter budget. Udo might be targeting different market part with these two products.

I really like the clean look of the 8 (and am not too bothered about a ribbon controller). With pass-through mode on sliders (forthcoming) and a visual indicator of slider position of the switched-to layer via the LEDs (hopefully added at some point) I might even prefer this over the SG.