Does the super 8 sound different to the Gemini?

George, have you tweaked the filters or the oscillators or anything for the new super 8? I thought that it sounded more Roland Jupiter like to my ears but maybe just my mind playing tricks with me or it was just the nice patches in the demos. Is there anything thats changed from the Gemini that would make it sound that different?


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@minimaltom they will sound the same and also very similar to Super 6 (and desktop).


Thanks for clarifying that :+1: :+1: :+1:

Will the update to the super 6 bring the oscillators to parity with the Gemini / super 8 in terms of sound?

Are the oscillators even different between the super 6 and the Gemini? From what I heard George say in an interview the only difference was the filter had been tweaked but I don’t know. There was nothing mentioned in the feature list of the new update about oscillator changes tho

@udo-audio given they are the same engine, does this mean that gemini patch files will be compatible with super 8? (I know there’s no compatibility with Super 6 as it’s a different architecture)

Yes, they confirmed that patches are compatible between the 8 and the gemini.