Pitch Bend not working properly

Hi everyone,

I’m having a hard time with this pitch bend issue. If anyone know how I can solve this, it would be really appreciated here.

The Pitch controller seems to malfunction. I tried every combination on the performance matrix, it doesn’t seem to come from there.

When I turn down (to the left) the pitch wheel, the pitch goes down but not exactly following my thumb, with weird random variations. When I pitch Up (to the righ) 100% it only goes up 10% with weird variations too. and the pitch seems to be in a weird way connecting to mixer and the crossmod.

So I don’t know if it’s me not understanding the synth or if there’s a problem here. Either way I hope you have a solution. I tried support, but it’s the weekend, Hope they’ll address it next week. Thanks.

Hey @emceeagora, assuming you are running the latest firmware? I have experienced something like this and resolved it with a power cycle. Might be worth trying to reinstall the latest firmware to see if that works. A similar thread is here: Intermitent problems when bending to the left

I had a very similar, perhaps identical problem, listed in the link above. A quick contact with UDO support via the website got me in touch with them, we tried a few fault finding procedures, I uploaded a video clearly showing the problem and we both came to the conclusion that it was the physical bender that was the problem.

It was strange as it just started happening one day, it was fine before that, so I also wondered if it might be firmware related. But not so.

Anyway, I ordered a new bender from UDO, it came quickly and was very easy to fit with their private online instructional videos, and voila, up and running perfectly again. :slight_smile:

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Same thing here, the change happened between firmware updates… :-/

I was having a very similar issue to this when I first got my S6. It was occurring alongside an issue of patches not recalling correctly, and the unit required sending back for repair. Support were very helpful so I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction.