Intermitent problems when bending to the left

Hi everyone,

I’ve just updated to V0.26, and on more than one occasion, bending to the left has stopped working, but bending to the right still works fine. Resetting/ changing patches doesn’t fix the problem, only way to fix it is to power cycle. Anyone else experience something similar?


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Hey Chris. i am facing the same issue

I also have something weird with the lever that wasn’t happening before, but it happens when I bend to the Right. At small movements to the right it can get very “wobbly” when set to pitch, and can take seconds to stabilise, even after releasing the lever. I only noticed it since the latest OS but I don’t know if it’s correlated.

Very strange. Since this post I’ve experienced further problems with a number of parameters in the performance control section, where the just stop working. This includes bending in both directions, as well as aftertouch sliders for both DDS and VCF not working. I have since been in touch with UDO support, and I’m waiting for the synth to mis-behave again so I can video the problem and they can take it from there.

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