Pitch bend and cut off fader latency?

I feel a latency in the pitch bender around 20-30ms approx. and the cut off fader also…
Am i the only one ?

Noticed it after version 0.27

Yeah mine was working perfectly before 0.27, after it started to act very erratically so I can’t even use it properly now, it goes “crazy” when bent to the right, and to the left is a lag. I need to get a report off to UDO

I also find the temporal smoothing on the pitch bender to be far too slow on v0.30 firmware.

Overall the smoothing & fader resolution upgrade has been a massive improvement - great to have lovely smooth step free filter sweeps! But I do now find the pitch bend response too sluggish for lead line performances…

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I was actually going to start a topic and see if others were experiencing this. Definitely noticing a lot of latency when controlling the filter cutoff via midi cc.