Strange Sporadic Delay bug

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue, or knows a workaround. Very rarely, a patch with delay will have the delay time randomly shift without touching it (resulting in the well known pitch shifting sound). This happens maybe 1% of the time, and once it starts with a patch it seems that it will continue to exhibit this behavior intermittently.

And then on a few patches there seems to be some audio trapped in the buffer of the delay, and even when I navigate away and then back to it, if I turn up the delay level I will hear the same loop (even if I haven’t played anything since switching patches). If I then turn the feedback down to 0 the loop will stop, but then the delay wont work for that patch even when I turn it back up.

This honestly has almost never been an actual issue for performance or recording, as it happens so rarely. However, It would be nice to know if there was a workaround, or bug fix, or just to know from UDO if they have seen this before.

Thanks in advance!

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I have exactly the same issue with the delay! Thanks for sharing your observations. Additionally, I’m quite sure that I heard the arpeggiator speed jump around on my model. It’s similar to the delay time shifting you are describing.

Same issue has occurred with my S6. Only happened a handful of times since I purchased mine back in March.

happens fairly often on both mine and a friend’s unit during sessions. changing the delay level seems to sometimes trigger it when the level should be a wet mix and not alter the delay time.

I get it’s a small company, but it is disappointing UDO doesn’t chime in on threads like this where it is clear multiple people have an issue. Seems like you have to file a support ticket to get any kind of response.