Smooth filter control or increase resolution

S6 filter’s Cutoff have poor resolution.
In a modern hi end synh is not acceptable to be able to listen clearly to steps on the filter when moving the fader.
At hi resonance settings it’s very clear and it ruins the synth experience when droning.
Please increase the resolution on cutoff fader or if it is not posible with current hardware, at least use the classic technique of smoothing the values adding a software integrator.

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Have you tried controlling cut off with an expression pedal? I had the same issue with th steppy progression using the slider, but modulating that parameter with a pedal is super smooth. Which is a bit odd.

No I didn’t try that.
It can be ok as workaround.
I thought steppy filters was something from the past…but here we are.

I usually use the bender for performance of cutoff (no stepiness) so can’t say I’ve noticed the stepiness on the filter slider itself, but will check it out. It’s normal for hi-res/lo-cutoff to “step” through the individual harmonics as you slow sweep, and it bites into them, but if it’s steppy higher up the frequency range, then that should indeed be addressed.

I do wonder how much the filter autotune side of things relies on the steps to be tuned to anything else. And the autotune is a nice addition.

Autotune have much more resolution than this for sure.
Looks like it is a matter of how the the fader itself is read and not the capabilities of the filter or his associate DACs.

There is a similar problem on the resolution of the osc DDS2 tune knob. The resolution is also poor and beating between DDS1 and DDS2 can not be adjusted very well (only in big increments) This also annois me a lot.

Don’t want to sound rough I love this machine but this little details should be solved someway IMO.


Hi, in the upcoming release, now only a week away, you’ll find the resolution is dramatically improved on all controls including cutt-off. It’s now higher than the mechanical resolution of the pot itself, so detecting steps should now be impossible on most controls. There is a normal mode using CC for 127 steps on the fader and then a hires mode using NRPN for 16384 steps


You rock…

Looking forward for the incoming update