Any way to speed up the filter response to modulation?

One of my fave tricks on most synths is to assign Velocity to the VCF and get a kind of talking filter resonance pattern

Examples of the sound…

Daniel Avery - Naive Response

Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse

but whenever i try this on the Super 6, the filter lags a behind and kind of glides between the voltages. Is there a way to speed up the filter response in a future update? Or just turn this on or off so everyone else’s patches don’t get messed up.


I usually do this with a key triggered S&H lfo, that gives you random values on each note.

But as you’ve noticed this is not possible on the S6 due to smoothing. This is a serious limitation in my view as well.

I like being able to apply slew when it makes sense, but the default should be the raw output