Velocity mod amount behaviour

Hi there,

I’ve had my Super 6 for four days now, and it’s a masterpiece. Best synth I’ve ever owned.

Just wanted to request a slight tweak to the way velocity responds to mod amount, especially when mapped to filter cutoff.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I’m following the instructions in the manual.

Having assigned velocity to filter cutoff, when you raise the mod amount to such a level that it reacts naturally to your playing dynamics, it also increases where the cutoff level sits at average velocity. It would be better if average velocity (of 64) remained at zero, and increasing mod amount increased +/- zero. E.g. for a mod amount of +60, a velocity of 0 would reduce cutoff 30 and a velocity of 127 would increase cutoff by 30.

Currently it’s not easy to create sounds with a short, plucky filter envelope at low cutoff, where the filter also responds dynamically to velocity. This is because increasing mod amount opens the filter too much, even with the slider at 0.

Please excuse my long-winded explanation. I wasn’t sure how else to describe it.