Amount of amount is not enough!

Hi, i generally think that the amounts of modulation available are too gentle. im frustrated by the maximum position of these faders for example :

-filter enveloppe amount
-filter lfo amount
-maximum modulation in the matrix is not enough

i don’t have this feeling on other synths like polybrute for example which go way higher on his modulations amounts.
Any way to increase this in next firmware ?


I agree, the modulation amount is limited to 50% as of right now. I’ve gotten used to it as is, but I would love to see more room for modulation.

I totally agree. filter envelope is the one I miss more often

“And I just can’t get enough
And I just can’t get enough…”

Do you mean that assigning a mod source to the VCF ENV slider doesn’t give you access to modulate the full range, or that the slider itself won’t give you a full sweep of the filter if you’ve got the cutoff at zero? (Or both?) My desktop hasn’t arrived yet but that seems really disappointing if I can’t make it go THWUMP.

the dedicated slider env. amount of the filter is weak when cut off at zero. i may try double it with modulation matrix but i feel it would be a frustrating workaround. i’ll try and post…

the lfo amount slider of the filter is the worst and you cant even try to add modulation as lfo1 is not in the matrix as a source…

Yes, unfortunately this is “broken” by design. See an older thread here:

I am going to chime in and support this idea. I often feel hobbled by the modulation amount. I can sort of get around it by modulating the cc’s from my Octatrack but it’s kind of a different thing.

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I must say i strongly disagree with these statements? I find the modulation amounts in the matrix way too large. Especially for tuning purposes, the range is so large it is very hard to dial in exact values. I almost have to sweep back and forth over the sweetspot until it accidentally lands on or near the right value. The only exception is the slider that assigns envelope to the filter. The range of 50 percent is a bit small, but that can easily be overcome by adding a second routing in the mod matrix. I am still hesitant to update to the 3.0 version of the firmware, as i think doubling the range of the pedal will create more problems tthan it solves.

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Hey, I hope that I am not killing the buzz here.

If the amount is increased, then, it gets harder to make smaller adjustments.
I personally would rather have control over small adjustments which makes it easier to tune in the desired spots. Especially while playing.

We could imagine a simple setting in the “menu” with a shift command where we can set the range of modulation for example to get the best of both world ?
What do you think of that ?

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That might not be worth a shift command since we have quite a few already. We just need an editor so we can set these things ourselves.

I suggested this as a feature request a while back: Shift + moving the env would go into ‘extreme’ mode, and in this mode, the filter env, lfo amount, and any amounts in the mod matrix would modulate up to 100%. Switching back to default mode would just require pressing shift again and moving the env, and we would return to 50% modulation for these parameters.

I would be happy with an editor to perform this function as well, but I’m not opposed to another shift function. This seems like a pretty easy one to remember for me.

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Something equivalent to Polybrute Connect would allow for a lot of flexibility without compromising the hyperefficiency and minimalism of the console design and would solve a lot of the problems people are having due to lack of lcd screen. :slight_smile:

Addendum - An editor, as Zane mentioned, could be implemented in this way.


The evidence amounts to point out that the amount of amount in not enough, and that the amount of amount should ideally be of a higher amount, enabling us to dial in more amount of amount.