Variable Drive Amount

Pretty self explanatory. Wonder if the architecture allows for this - it would be awesome to have the 3 drive settings as a start point for the tone you want, and the ability to then drive it harder or back it off a bit to taste.


Hadn’t thought of that, would love it! It’s such a great distortion and it would be nice to ‘play’ it during a performance

I thinks it’s a great idea. Often drive 2 ends up being over the top for some cases, and it would be so great to be able to back it down a hair. Currently you can sometimes do this by changing the mix between DDS1 and DDS2, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the balance for drive amount.

I think SHIFT+ENV2 Amount would be the perfect place to put this sort of feature.

Exactly what I was thinking - everytime I set the drive to 2 and have a square wave anywhere in the mix it generally makes it too much. Increase resonance and the grit starts to go away :frowning:

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This is definitely a nice to have. There are other features I’d like to see first (full travel on the envelopes mainly) but love the drive on the super 6 and more fidelity would be great.

Definitely, would just be a cool thing to see some point in the future, and hopefully it wouldn’t be a difficult thing to implement provided it’s possible. Out of curiosity what do you mean about full travel on the envelopes?

The envelopes only sweep about 50% of a parameter’s range when set to to max. It’s a “feature” apparently, so you can mix other modulators to reach 100%. It hasn’t bothered me yet, but I realise it would be nice to have the option of sweeping 100% with one modulator.


Exactly, thanks. Yeah, it’s considered a feature, although I think it could be implemented better. I would prefer to have 100% for each envelope and be able to choose how much I want to send to each, rather than being limited to 50%.