Full modulation range for unipolar modulators

For example, EG1 assigned to Resonance or X-mod covers only half of their range.
There’s no way to make a full sweep from zero to max.


Yup, I noticed the same behavior in the VCF section. When using either of the envelopes, I can only modulate 50% of what the env slider is currently set to. In order to get a full range frequency sweep, I need to use Env 1+2, which means I can’t use an envelope for the amp. I think it would be preferable to have either envelope be able to modulate the entire range of values.


I see that @udo-audio didn’t include it on the list of upcoming improvements. I still hope this will be addressed in the new firmware update though.

I messaged support about it, and as of right now it doesn’t sound like it’s part of their plan to include. Maybe they will consider it if others reach out to them about this feature.

I think it would be great for the envelopes to have the full range if either Env 1 or Env 2 are selected, and then if 1+2 is selected, it would operate the way it already does, with 50% going to each envelope. That seems like the best of both worlds.

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That’s too bad. I do consider it a bug, not a feature.

I have a feeling that once they release the upcoming update and move on to working on MPE, that’s it. No more fixes beyond that point. If they are still in business in two years, which I hope they will, they will have to focus on new designs.

S6, even without wavetables, is still an iconic synth.

Well, when I spoke to support they mentioned that the envelopes modulate 50% in case you want to push it further using either another envelope or a pedal. However, I’d prefer to have more range on each envelope, as I can always just send less if I want to.

Definitely reach out then! I would love to see this in a future firmware update.