Full modulation range for unipolar modulators

For example, EG1 assigned to Resonance or X-mod covers only half of their range.
There’s no way to make a full sweep from zero to max.


Yup, I noticed the same behavior in the VCF section. When using either of the envelopes, I can only modulate 50% of what the env slider is currently set to. In order to get a full range frequency sweep, I need to use Env 1+2, which means I can’t use an envelope for the amp. I think it would be preferable to have either envelope be able to modulate the entire range of values.


I see that @udo-audio didn’t include it on the list of upcoming improvements. I still hope this will be addressed in the new firmware update though.

I messaged support about it, and as of right now it doesn’t sound like it’s part of their plan to include. Maybe they will consider it if others reach out to them about this feature.

I think it would be great for the envelopes to have the full range if either Env 1 or Env 2 are selected, and then if 1+2 is selected, it would operate the way it already does, with 50% going to each envelope. That seems like the best of both worlds.

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That’s too bad. I do consider it a bug, not a feature.

I have a feeling that once they release the upcoming update and move on to working on MPE, that’s it. No more fixes beyond that point. If they are still in business in two years, which I hope they will, they will have to focus on new designs.

S6, even without wavetables, is still an iconic synth.

Well, when I spoke to support they mentioned that the envelopes modulate 50% in case you want to push it further using either another envelope or a pedal. However, I’d prefer to have more range on each envelope, as I can always just send less if I want to.

Definitely reach out then! I would love to see this in a future firmware update.

I’d prefer to have the full modulation range available for whatever I decide to assign it to. If I need to leave some range for other sources, I’d definitely want to make that choice myself.


I would have to agree. My favorite pieces of kit don’t have safe limitations (like the Ensoniq ASR10 for instance; you can make it sound like it broke itself). Somewhat ironically, it feels more like a bug right now. I did reach out about the Env Level under the VCA section because as is you can’t even do fully modulated tremolo/panning effects and they said this is being addressed in the upcoming firmware.


While I like the possibility of going completely bananas, I also really enjoy the fact that most of the ranges sound real good.

Maybe a possibility would be leaving the ranges the same, but letting the user add more modulation from the same source via the mod matrix.

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What you are getting is only a half of the range. The other half would sound even better :wink:

Seriously though, the current implementation is an attempt to find a solution to a non-existing problem. It’s a very basic principle, the CV ranges of sources and destinations should match. Why? Well, because if they don’t, basic things, like a full range filter sweep, become difficult or impossible.
If your destination range is narrower then your CV source, you can always attenuate the amount of modulation. The same applies to two CV sources going to a single destination. You can always turn the modulation down. This is not a problem.

If you are afraid of what would happened if an Envelope Generator exceeded the available range, don’t be. The shape of your EG will simply be “limited”. Instead of an ADSR, it will sound like an AHDSR, with a short Hold phase. Overdriving CV signals is a useful sound-shaping technique, something you may want.


Hehehehe! How can less be more? More is more, right?

I’m not against the idea of having full access to the range of the parameters. In theory, of course we should just be able to do it. I just find that in practice, playing live (and especially improvisationally so), I appreciate that there’s a certain level of pre-determinedness to what I can do and what I can’t - especially because the trimming of the extremes of the choices makes it easier and less fiddly to get to where I want.
I hope that makes sense!

I didn’t know about overdriving CV like that, but that’s super interesting. Also really looking forward to the new hold stages for the envelopes!

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I see where you’re coming from. Overall I’d prefer to have the ability to modulate as much as I want without being limited, but perhaps they could have 2 modes. 1 mode would operate as it does now and the other would allow you to modulate 100%. The only benefit I see in having less range is that you have more control to finely adjust the env amount, which is nice in certain scenarios. However, having a larger range means that you could make all the sounds that are currently possible, plus a bunch of new ones on top of that.


All these deep or tweaky settings ought to go into a full editor/librarian software package one day. You could have a whole page or more of deep settings that would allow one to setup the instrument exactly how you liked it. The fact that the hardware/controls are fixed in stone now means it’s the only way to do it, I think.


Mode 1 = Env amount at 50%
Mode 2 = Env amount all the way up

I hear you about the benefit of finer control, not sure if this outweighs what we lose because of that. It’s also inconsistent for the UI, as most of the S6 controls are full range.

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Right, I definitely agree. For me, having more range on the envelopes would outweigh having finer control. I like @HermetechMastering’s idea of using a software editor to manage deep settings such as these 2 modes we’re talking about.

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Bumping this as well. LFO 1 to VCA does not fully open or close it unless you really drop the envelope level. If we can’t have full resolution, then a fixed CV mod amount would be nice to “bump them up” when we want them.

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Yes , you have hit the nail on the head …
This is a bug in the way the machine works . And should not be something to be considered as an update request …

If you can move a slider to get a sound , why shouldn’t you be able to modulate that slider to the same values … Simple logic

It’s a great synth ,
you buy a car with with auto gear box … you can choose to change gear manually … yes , you can choose any of the gears , not half of them
I get that many users hardly go deep , but really surprised the manufactures do t seem to care about 1st level modulation …
If they don’t get this sorted how can they move forward .?
I spose they might have luck bringing out some more affordable do less mono stuff …

It just seems so wrong to me , and of the 15 synths I’ve owned , well this one is the most expensive By far , and also the most buggy …