ENV 2 attack time

Im finding the attack time doesn’t really change on the amp env until over halfway, and the change is very subtle in the volume swell, more of a delay on the sound itself…as in I hit the key, there is silence, then there is the sound with little volume ramp. Anyone else having this issue?

That caught me out at first, yes a very odd scaling for the attack on both envelopes. Would like to know if it’s intentional and the thinking behind it. On the Jupiter 6 I can easily see/know an envelope shape by looking at the sliders - but the Super 6 is out on its own there.

I seem to remember they recalibrated the Attack times in the last firmware update to have shorter times and more control over the shorter times, for better percussive envelopes. Yet another contender for a “deep” setting in a future editor/librarian?


I second this. Editing the slopes would be fantastic.

Personally, I like the envelopes as-is. I like how the attack sounds on more percussive sounds, and it’s easy to adjust it for softer pad sounds. If they could rescale the envelopes in some way without taking away these short attack times, I’d be open to hearing it, but pretty satisfied. On another note, I think the release on env 2 sounds amazing. I love how it swells after about halfway. The release definitely sounds unique to me when compared to my other synths.

I can definitely live with it - I usually have two favourite attack settings: 1) as fast as possible and 2) as slow as possible. Pretty much everything in between is just slider travel en route. :wink:

I feel you! I like Hermtech’s idea about the editor. Imagine being able to customize your own slopes for the envelopes? That would be pretty cool

I have what I hope is a better idea for user customisation, which won’t require an editor (personally I hate that kind of thing), but we’ll see.

I’m curious, let’s hear it!