VCA clicks on ENV2 Level

Just a quick sound design question for everyone. Ive noticed that when using ENV 2 to shape the VCA level, it will click/pop whenever the attack time is very low. It seems to reliably disappear by increasing attack time, there seems to be a sweet spot where attack isn’t noticeably impacting the sound but it eliminates the pop. This is very noticeable on quicker sequences/arpeggios as the click becomes a “gallop”. Is this because its just opening the VCA so fast and is this normal behavior?

I do not notice this on any preset sound or when using the preset VCA envelope shapes (on/off with sustain and the on with short release shapes on the selector).

If this is normal, then is the minimum attack on this synth really just for making percussive sounds, and some amount of attack is required for all others to avoid a click?

I don’t know if this is related, but when I modulate the VCA level via midi CC7 sent from the pressure on my Osmose, I get an extremely stuttery sound, almost like the VCA is turned on and off in quick succession even though I’m constantly sending a value larger than 0. Also, it’s not possible to modulate the VCA in the modulation matrix. These things might be related. I don’t know if the latter issue is a bug or if it’s something that’s turned off by the developers because the implementation was buggy.

To me, it just seems like the whole VCA implementation is buggy and unreliable. However, it seems like the developers are working on this for the next firmware release, so maybe the VCA will work better then?

End of rambling speculations.