VCA Gain not working 0.53 firmware?

Maybe I am missing something! But I just got this amazing synth and can’t get aftertouch to control VCA gain. I see VCA ENV is a destination now and it does register as legal on the front of the unit when you link it to aftertouch but I so far cannot get it to work. I am a wind synth player and am sending aftertouch from my EWI’s breath sensor while trying to modulate VCA gain like a horn. It works fine to use the VCF cutoff this way so I know it is working on some parameters. Is it possible to modulate +/- 100% VCA gain on this synth in firmware 0.53?



I have had confirmation of this bug from a fellow user. Udo Audio care to respond? Thanks!

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I’m also finding this issue on my Super 6. Whether I assign velocity to the VCA envelope level through the modulation matrix or use the dynamics switch, the VCA is not responding to velocity. Right now I’m having velocity manipulate envelope sustain instead, but the effect isn’t the same (attack still goes to maximum level). Hoping a fix is on the way!


I’m on v0.53, and I don’t seem to have this issue.
Just to be sure: you didn’t possibly forget to crank up the “Mod Amount” to a non-zero value after choosing the modulation destination?

No I didn’t forget. Thanks for the help though. I actually emailed Udo and they confirmed that unless you are using one of the LFO’s to modulate VCA Gain, it currently does not work correctly, as I thought. You do hear a super subtle shift, but nothing really usable unless you use an LFO to do it. I’m trying to use breath cc#2 or aftertouch to modulate vca gain and it doesn’t work right yet. Hope they repair it on the next update.

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I just bought this synth and noticed this error pretty quickly as well. Is it normal for critical :lady_beetle::bug::ant: like this to sit for so long without being fixed? This thread was created about half a year ago.


@udo-audio // @DDS has this bug been logged or addressed?

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I have the desktop running on fw 0.53, when I assign AT to VCA ENV LEVEL, it works BUT:

  • the depth is kinda fixed and it gets just a tiny bit quieter than the setting on the VCA ENV LEVEL.
  • it doesn’t matter how much of MOD AMOUNT I dial in, pos or neg, it all just sounds a tiny bit quieter(same level) than the set level on the VCA ENV LEVEL

I have to revoke my statement made above due to a user error.
It works in both directions. When I dial in negative amounts it gets quieter and with positive amounts, it gets louder.
The depth/effect is not as deep(I guess this is what MattMarantz stated) as I would have expected, but it somehow works.

It has been logged and they said they have it on the feature request list. But it hasn’t been fixed. Anyone know when a new firmware is coming with this update?


As a reference (I know that you know this @MattMarantz), this bug/wish was referenced a couple of weeks ago in a post about what the developers are working on for the next patch:

Yes, I saw it. Thanks! I’m just waiting for the actual update. Figured letting them know I still have my unit and am waiting and not giving up yet couldn’t hurt to remind…

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@MattMarantz i posted in another thread but bringing discussion back here. Modulation of VCA gain is currently limited to a low level, primarily to stop high gains resulting from positive modulation clipping the output. I want to understand the use case better so we can make it work with controllers that expect to turn it all the way down to zero by cc control. Can you let me know what your controllers are? Which cc do they send to expect 0-100% vca level?

Hi, I am assuming you have been able to control VCF and possibly other parameters with your wind controller, just not the VCA gain to a wide enough range?

The VCA gain modulation is working but the range far too subtle/limited for your application?

If CC#2 were used for 0-100% VCA modulation would this meet your requirements? Can the breath controller for example send on multiple cc’s or just one?

Hi UDO Audio,

Yes, I can control the VCF on the filter cutoff and other params. The VCA Gain seems to only be 100% modulative from an LFO. The VCA Gain destination modulation available from other modulators is too subtle to be noticed of usable from my perspective. Case in point, I cannot hear any VCA gain modulation whatsoever when I use my breath controller as a modulator.

CC#2 would be fine as a modulator if it could be set as a modulator on the Super 6. It may be possible but I do not currently know how to set a CC# as a modulator on the Super 6. That being said, I have experienced several synths not playing nice with CC#2 as a modulator and they seem to work better with Aftertouch. So some testing would be in order to determine which modulator Super 6 prefers. That may be up to an EWI player as it’s usually not a subtle difference. Yes EWI’s can send more than one modulator at a time from their breath sensors. Aftertouch, Poly Aftertouch, Expression CC#11, Breath CC#2, and one additional CC# of one’s choosing may all be sent from the breath sensor simultaneously. No added latency. It’s a sweet little axe.

@udo-audio Every couple of months I come back here to see when my VCA gain modulation destination request will be fulfilled.

Is there any update about a release date for the new firmware? Please, just even an ETA would keep me going for a while longer. I don’t want to become one of the ones who sold their Super 6….


I purchased a Super 6 Desktop yesterday and the lack of VCA gain modulation was the first issue I ran into.

I think my use case is quite simple. I just want to modulate VCA gain by note number, so that I can (e.g.) have bass notes reach a higher amplitude than trebles. This is particularly useful if the VCF is in key-tracking mode, as treble notes can sound louder when they have more harmonics, so dialling in some gain modulation basically compensates for a perceived level imbalance.

I’ve tested the levels so it does look like the modulation is working, I just feel that having a bit more range at 100% would be beneficial. Incidentally, modulating ENV 2 Sustain as a workaround when you have no attack or decay also doesn’t have that much range, so it’s not really an alternative.