VCA Gain not working 0.53 firmware?

Maybe I am missing something! But I just got this amazing synth and can’t get aftertouch to control VCA gain. I see VCA ENV is a destination now and it does register as legal on the front of the unit when you link it to aftertouch but I so far cannot get it to work. I am a wind synth player and am sending aftertouch from my EWI’s breath sensor while trying to modulate VCA gain like a horn. It works fine to use the VCF cutoff this way so I know it is working on some parameters. Is it possible to modulate +/- 100% VCA gain on this synth in firmware 0.53?


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I have had confirmation of this bug from a fellow user. Udo Audio care to respond? Thanks!

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I’m also finding this issue on my Super 6. Whether I assign velocity to the VCA envelope level through the modulation matrix or use the dynamics switch, the VCA is not responding to velocity. Right now I’m having velocity manipulate envelope sustain instead, but the effect isn’t the same (attack still goes to maximum level). Hoping a fix is on the way!


I’m on v0.53, and I don’t seem to have this issue.
Just to be sure: you didn’t possibly forget to crank up the “Mod Amount” to a non-zero value after choosing the modulation destination?

No I didn’t forget. Thanks for the help though. I actually emailed Udo and they confirmed that unless you are using one of the LFO’s to modulate VCA Gain, it currently does not work correctly, as I thought. You do hear a super subtle shift, but nothing really usable unless you use an LFO to do it. I’m trying to use breath cc#2 or aftertouch to modulate vca gain and it doesn’t work right yet. Hope they repair it on the next update.

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