Roland Fantom with Super 6 Desktop

I’m a new user and working with the Super 6 desktop. I’m using the Roland Fantom as the workstation master, and have the Super 6 (running .52) setup using MIDI. I have the external midi clock settings set using patch button 3, and local mode is lit (which I think means that it is on). It works great in receiving the stop/start of the sequencer, playback, volume, even the cutoff modulation and resonance. The only thing I noticed is that after I use the wheel in the fantom on the cutoff modulation that the sound does not return back to the original sound I started with on the Super 6. It almost seems that there is a different range of the cutoff mod wheel on the fantom and when the wheel goes back to starting position its now different from the original starting point. Is there any kind of fix for this? I believe the resonance does the same thing.
Thank you and love this product

Maybe deselect high resolution mode on the Super 6??



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Thanks! I’ll give it a try