Another big feature wishlist

Hey everyone, feel like I have a bunch of feature requests I would love to see in the next iterations of firmware, some I don’t think I’ve seen on this forum as yet and some probably have been mentioned, so apologies in advance if I’m doubling up on other people’s posts!

1. Finer resolution / control of all parameters
It seems like there’s stepping with every control. Especially noticeable with filter cutoff when the resonance is high, and DDS 2 fine tune / LFO 1 rate when making FM-style sounds. Not sure if it’s an inherent limitation with the hardware or a firmware thing. If it’s the hardware, perhaps twisting the Mod Amount encoder when in Patch mode could be a fine tune control for the last changed control / parameter? It doesn’t seem to do anything as is.

2. More flexibility with the DRIFT feature
Seems to really only randomise the pitch of each voice. I’ve heard elsewhere that the filter cutoff and envelope parameters are also randomised, but I don’t notice it as much. The ability to independently control the amounts of randomisation for both the voice tuning and filter / envelope would be amazing - maybe SHIFT + SWM / PWM fader in addition to the DETUNE fader?

3. Snappier response when LFO 1 shape is set to RND
Would be cool to see the RND shape on LFO 1 snap instantly to a new value when a key is pressed and the mode is set to RESET or ONCE. Sounds a bit slewed at the moment. Not sure if possible.

4. Chord memory
Pretty straightforward.

5. CROSS MOD dependent on DDS 2 shape
Love using CROSS MOD as is but would love to see the modulation change with different shapes in DDS 2, not just the tuning.

6. Continuous looping on release when ENV 1 is set to LOOP
Again, not sure if possible. When I set the VCA envelope to have a longer release, and have some modulation happening with ENV 1 in LOOP mode, the looping stops after I release the key. Would be awesome to see the looping modulation fade out with the overall sound.

7. More shapes for LFO 2, and LFO 2 per voice
Again, not sure if possible. Would be nice though.

8. Control VCA envelope with notes instead of gate-trigger when using AUDIO IN
As it stands I think the only way to enable the VCA envelope when using AUDIO IN is when the external audio reaches a certain level / threshold. Would like to be able use it in the way the Moog Sub 37 works (or most other synths that can process external audio for that matter) - as in, simply letting the audio through when a key is pressed, engaging the envelope.

9. LFO 1 as a modulation source
Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeease. DDS 1 and ENV 2 could be cool too. But PLEEEEEEEEEASE. Need this one.

10. MIX knob as a modulation destination

11. Control over voice pan / spread when BINAURAL mode is disabled
Sometimes I just wanna play 12 voices in near mono ya feel?

12. DDS 1 sync to DDS 2
The DDS 1 waveforms synced to DDS 2 would make for some gnarly sounds.

13. DDS 1 as master to DDS 2 when using CROSS MOD
You can’t tell me those waveforms modulating DDS 2 wouldn’t be insane.

Big shout out to the team at UDO. The Super 6 is my first proper hardware synth and I couldn’t love it more, but the fact that the firmware is somewhat in its infancy just makes me so excited and I wanted to share that. I’m sure I’ll be back with 50 more ideas in due time, but yeah let me know if I can clarify anything or if you agree or disagree with these ideas!


I really like how the current filter sounds because it reminds me at times of the SEM’s steppy sound. But your #'s 9 and 10 I NEEEEED.

Pleeeeeease let us control PAN spread when binaural mode is off!!!

and maybe some microtuning ability for the folks that love that stuff.

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I think this has been covered in another thread as, more or less, just not what looping envelopes do.

+1 for a chord mode though.

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5. CROSS MOD dependent on DDS 2 shape

it is when in LFO mode :slight_smile:
jokes aside, I like that it’s default to sine as it’s the most useful mode, and you can then layer the OSC2 wave on top intependently, incl noise. having these follow the selection would actually be more restrictive imo, so I like how it is today

3 (bug?), 10 and 11 are essential and would be surprised if not they’re not implemented at a certain stage …

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Some great ideas here, some of which I have in my own list (which I will get around to posting at some point :slight_smile: )

Let’s see what the forthcoming OS update brings, I have a feeling there could be some nice surpises based on UDO’s recent email.

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I’m wondering how far away the update is. I’m very excited for it