Delay panning in 12 voice mode (LR phase off)

Hey, when I am in non binaural 12 voice mode in which lr phase controls the stereo spread of each new voice, if I have lr phase all the way down, so no panning, the delay still pans side to side as if the lr phase was raised. Does anyone else have the same behaviour?


Actually I just realised that even when the LR phase is all the way down the voices still pan a bit L+R! Not as much as the delay does tho

Because each voice of the pair is hard panned left and right, the FX loop is used to make the signal “pseudo mono” but it’s only an approximation and the delay is still operating only on the respective channel.

For true mono in 12 voice mode, turn up LR Phase (pan in this mode) to maximum (hard panned) then in your mixer or DAW centre both Left and Right channels to get a mono result without phase cancellation effects


That is very helpful thanks. I am wondering- Is this also necessary when using a mono amp and coming out of the left side only? Should I plug two cables into the mono amp and do as you say with the pan lever to make sure no phaseyness occurs? I would say 90% of the time I am playing through either a mono amp or a mono house

I’m not sure exactly what your scenario is but yes for mono systems turn off binaural in poly mode and crucially move LR phase to hard panned, mixing both LR at the destination. Go solo and legato just use one side (either). Subtly though if the right jack is not plugged in, L and R sum on the super 6! So you can have a mono output by turning off binaural, then moving LR Phase (pan spread) to maximum and only connecting the left jack


Thank you @udo-audio that is very helpful. I love to play and record in stereo, but most of the time in clubs/venues it’s a mono house or a single speaker amp, so this is great to have confirmation on. Thank you for the help!

Thanks for that clarification. BTW, I always wondered why is mono legato and unison hard coded to be in binaural mode?

@minimaltom unfortunately if it we allowed non binaural in these modes, sound would come out of only the Left or Right channel as alternate voices are hard panned in hardware. Gemini and Super 8 get round this by having a clickles JFET switch that routes the left jack to the right jack in these modes and in poly mode sums left to right and right to left to get true mono

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