True Mono

I know the whole point of the synth is for it to be stereo. But sometimes when stacking sounds, or playing low notes, I really really just want them centred in my mix. Current mono mode sums L+R which creates some interesting phase relationships depending on what you’re doing. If you can’t get to a point of 12 voices with no pan, another option would be for mono to essentially be a single of the two engines–6 voices, no width, everything dead centre.


Heard back from support on this. I can get close now: LFO phase fader all the way up, poly mode, left output only. The only issue is that it’s o e instance of the LFO per two,voices so stuff like pwm will be different. But I can work with that.


Wait, why phase fader all the way up? Wouldn’t leaving it at 0% have the same result??

Although it’s normally bad form to quote private correspondence on a forum, I think it’s fair to quote helpful correspondence from UDO tech support here, perhaps lightening their future load. Here’s how Mike at UDO explained it to me, which is clearer than any paraphrase I could offer:

“Yes, I was talking about the LR PHASE control in the LFO 1 section. When in non-binaural mode, this fader allows you to control the amount of pan spread. At its highest setting ( ), it will cause the voices to be hard-panned to the left and right channels, which is the optimal setting for avoiding any phase cancellation when you’re only using the left output for a monaural signal.”

and here’s his comment about the LFOs and PWM:

" I should have been a bit more precise on PWM in non-binaural mode: Although you essentially have 6 LFO 1s for all 12 non-binaural voices, you will still be able to modulate DDS 2’s pulse width by using LFO 1 as a modulation source. The only case in which DDS 2’s pulse width will be modulated every other voice is (a) when you use LFO 1 in ONCE mode (one might say that this is the option where it becomes obvious that there are only 6 shared LFO 1s for 12 non-binaural voices) or (b) ENV 1 as a modulation source, since the mixer makes use of 6 pairs of VCAs. If you combine the latter with the fact that DDS 2’s pulse width does only have one control per voice pair, you end up with PWM on every other voice only."


Ahh I see, thanks for sharing that. So I guess there’s no way to achieve this in solo/legato mode?

Not that I’m aware of, at least not for now.