LR phase confusion


For some reason I’m baffled by the LR phase fader connected to LFO 1. The manual states, “The fader controls the Super 6’s binaural sound engine’s left-right phase relationship, in other words, LFO 1’s effect on the stereo field.” In my head, this reminded me a little of the stereo widening (Haas Effect) you get when you double track something in a daw, pan each track far left and far right, and shift one of the tracks ahead about 15-30 ms and modulate one of them with an LFO. But I don’t think one channel is slightly ahead or behind the other because that would be obvious without any LFO modulation. And when I listen to LFO modulating something and move the LR phase slider, it sounds like the phase of the LFO is shifting. This is most obvious on saw and square waves. So I thought, maybe each channel has an LFO, and one is phase shifted relative to the other, like the Haas Effect described earlier. But the manual clearly states there are only 6 LFOs, one per voice, and I also noticed a long oval in the signal path diagram labeled “phase control” with a box labeled “mod” pointing to it. So then I thought, it’s like the phase switch on a preamp, but with continuous values instead of just on and off. But as before, just as think I’m beginning to understand this, I get confused about something else. Part of the issue is that I’m fascinated by electronics, but lack the brainpower to understand how they work. This is especially annoying when I try to understand particle physics.

Pardon the rambling, this could have been longer with more questions, but I thought I would spare you all and cut it short. :wink:


Just a guess, but I think that it’s got something to do with the different natures of DDS 1 and DDS 2 as described in the DDS 2 parameters page of the manual.

Greg, On my Super 6, the DSD Modulator is pretty underwhelming on Binaural and really lovely on 12 voice mode. I feel the same as you, that it’s a pretty inscrutable synth in many ways. My Roland gear is very predictable by comparison. That said, Super 6 blows every other synth I ever played completely out of the water. I think its voice cards are stereo and 12 voice done by voice allocation. (Same as Voice Assign button.) I can’t tell by ear if each voice card has 1 or 2 analogue filter chips.