Hard panned oscillators?

is it possible to hard pan DDS1 and DDS2? or LFO1 in HF mode?

I’d like to make a very simplistic binaural sound with one wave/freq on the LEFT and another slightly detuned wave, e.g. -15cent on the RIGHT.
I don’t think it’s possible but would like to hear that it is.
is it?

I was going to suggest making a DC offset as a user wave and then using LFO1 with that user wave to modulate DDS2, but it would be sending the same modulation to both sides of DDS2 no matter what phase you have the LFO at.

I’m stumped, as far as I know the only oscillator in the S6 that can accept stereo frequency modulation is DDS2, but I can’t wrap my head around how to modulate only the left or right side of DDS2. The only thing I can think of is putting LFO1 out of phase and sending the LFO to the left/right channels of DDS2, but then it will be moving, because you have to have varying levels over time in LFO1 for the phase slider to mean anything. With straight DC voltage offset, the LFO1 phase slider won’t do anything because both channels of the LFO will have the exact same signal regardless of their relative phase. Neither DDS has any pan controls, nor does LFO1 in HF mode. There’s no way that I’m aware of to direct each DDS to a dedicated output, so this can’t be done externally either…

Perhaps a more experienced synthesist than I can solve this conundrum.

FWIW, I have been having a nice time messing around with cross mod to get steady rhythmic beating, but it’s not stereo like true binaural beats.

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thank you for your suggestions!
and yes, you name it -

technically this is what I want.