LFO1 = Ø modulated stereo OSC

Try this;

  1. binaural on
  2. set LFO1 to high freq tracking mode
  3. route LFO1 to mixer
  4. move LFO1 phase fader… listen…
  5. set phase fader to approx middle position
  6. route LFO2 to LFO1 phase in MOD matrix
  7. set modulation depth and speed to taste
  8. experiment with different LFO1 waveforms (check manual on how to assign alt waves to LFO1)
  9. remember you can still use LFO1 to modulate DDS, PWM, VCF, VCA…
  10. Have fun!



How do you route LFO1 to mixer? I thought the mixer cannot be a modulation destination…

LFO1 in this case is not modulating the mixer position, but is mixed in as a “3rd oscillator”. (See manual on page 50)

I recommend routing LFO1 to DDS2’s mixer input initially, with mixer position all the way clockwise, and mute DDS2 (switch DDS2 to LFO/Norm). That way you’ll only hear the output of LFO1.

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Sometimes I would love to be able to stop this panning thing what I usually love but when I want to do a bassline or a straight lead it’s really not practical. I know that I can use the left channel only to sum the stereo but in a live situation on stage I can’t plug in and plug out the cable between songs.