Oscillator FM

I’m probably being dense here but is there a way to modulate one oscillator with the other? I’d have thought that there was plenty of processing power to do this. Cross mod isn’t quite the same.


Hmmmm, haven’t tried it, but looking at the front panel you could send keytracking to Env1 A/D stages in the mod matrix, set it to loop, then use the front panel control to send that to either or both oscillators’ pitch.

You could also send DDS2 to the envelope stages, but I don’t think audio rate mod of the envelope will be as close to FM that you expect when you get that modulating pitch.

Just realized as typing the easy way, LFO1 does have an HF keytracking mode that makes it into another oscillator (I believe it is mixed in with the DDS1 signal in the mixer), you could get that tuned up and then send it to either/both oscillators’ pitch.


Cheers, that worked perfectly with the ability to do all sorts of tuned FM and modulate via envelope etc!

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Dont forget, you can use carrier- lfo - not only from lfo 1 sound options, but you can also copy user wave to lfo1, and now you can modulate frequency qwith unlimited number of carriers!

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