Idea: easier LFO1 Battwave selection

The actions required to have LFO1 grab the waveform currently used by DDS1 have always felt sorta long-winded. I admit I sometimes have to dig out the manual to remember them. Is there any reason you couldn’t just slip into a wave selection mode by holding down the Wave button then turning the LFO switch? I realise you’d have to slightly modify the current behaviour of the Wave button, engaging the regular mode only upon release rather than on first hit, but the gain would be direct selection of the LFO wave without faffing around with DDS1 at all.

I suppose I’m making a huge assumption here - i.e. that people generally use this feature to access the digital waves (?). Since DDS1 can change its waveform later anyway, there may be no need to involve it at all?

Just a thought.


Good suggestion but you loose the ability to copy the basic waveforms like sine, saw, square and triangle.

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Good point. I use Battwave so much that I’ve gotten used to the way it’s done. I wouldn’t mind an easier way if possible, but I definitely don’t want to keep any basic shapes in the digital waveform slots for access.

Simplest modification of suggestion - should not suggest the old method removed (didn’t mean to do that). Hence the Wave button behaviour would the only obvious change to those who will keep using existing way.