DDS1 (LFO1) waves

Hope that some of you will know the answer of this question…

DDS1 (LFO1) can have standard waves or alternative waves. The actual wave used by a program is stored within the s6 file of the program so when loading a program one is sure it will give the expected sound. Great!

Change the DDS1 or LFO1 wave to one of the 32 alt. waves. Save the program. Select another program. Change the content of the wave slot to another one (copy any wave). At this stage the original wave slot that you copied from contains thus another wave.
Select again the patch that has been changed. It should use the wave that is not anymore in the synth (because it is stored in the patch).

The first question is: how does the synth know that it has to use the wave stored in the patch file rather than the wave indicated by the DDS1 Wave rotary? At load, one can assume that it is always prioritizing the wave stored rather than the DDS1 Wave indication (also stored in the patch file).
Is this a good assumption?

The second question is: if you turn the DDS1 Wave rotary, you get indeed another wave. How can you go back to the wave that is stored in the patch file and that is neither one of the standard wave nor one of the 32 alternative waves?

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As there is no answer on this, I’ll contact UDO support and will post the answer here.

Got clear answers from UDO on this. Thx guys for the quick reply!

  1. Upon load, the wave is loaded from the disk - even if it’s a “standard” wave
    So, always taking the wave from the .s6 patch file even if it matches one of the 32 alternative waves or one of the standard waves.
  2. Unfortunately there is no way to go back to the wave of the original patch file, other than re-loading the same patch again
    FYI, in the editor, I added the original wave as slot 0 of the 32 alternative waves
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