Wavecycle reset on trigger

I hope G or admin can help me with this - so, is there an option to turn on reset mode for DDS 1 and 2 and have each trigger note start from the beginning of the wave cycle, or it will always be reset, or always free (on LFO1, we have an option to toggle reset or free, just wondering if this works for DDS’s due to the way they were programmed). Actually, now I think of it, I guess the most likely fixed state is reset, right? Each note starts at the beginning of the same wave shape - and here I refer to standard forms, not user waves. I think it would be cool to allow for both, if possible.


There is actually a combination of modes in place already in this regard. It’s a little complex so bear with me…

DDS1 is free running in Super off and Super Full modes. In super 1/2 mode the phase will reset on keypress IF the vca closed or nearly closed. So for snappy basses on DDS1 choose super 1/2 and Detune=0, with short release so VCA is off at time of keypress.

DDS2 phase restarts at zero on keypress when the vca is approximately closed or nearly closed at time of keypress.

These combinations of modes, slightly different for each oscillator, and aware of the VCA level allow for a number of nuances in how sounds are articulated.

Whilst one doesn’t have direct control of whether or not the phase always resets, or always doesn’t, knowing the above will hopefully help you master the behaviour in this regard and tailor it somewhat to your needs.

You are insightful to point out the subtle importance of these behaviours, and I will review the manual to see how much of this we describe.



Hi George,
Thanks for such elaborate reply. I was actually working on a video on S6 sound design, and realized that I am not sure if there is a setting for cycle reset. Of course, I know that 1. the oscillators are specific and 2. DDS 1 and DDS 2 are not the same, so I thought there might be something special going on with DDS 1 at least due to the Super mode. I never thought that it is a must to have a cycle reset on a poly - in fact, Prophet 10, OB6 - none of these offer the actual choice. You can find this kind of settings on stuff like Pro 3, Peak, REV2 etc, and I think actual value of having this feature is exactly - snappy bass patch or something similar, specific articulation with PW based patches you want to copy in every instance of a note etc. We have so many wonderful and unique features on S6, cycle reset is a minor thing - I just wondered how it works. Turns out we have both options, paired with envelope behaviour and specific settings, depending what oscillator we are talking about.
Thank you again for the quick reply - and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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Very interested to see that video! Good luck making it.

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